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Stephane's Reviews

Kimchi King

Listed in American, Burgers, California, Chinese, Korean


Tottenham Court Road, London, Uk

Reviewed on March 2, 2012. #1 of 2 Reviews


The Samurai’s Sword

Listed in Japanese


St Louis, MO 63106, USA

Reviewed on February 8, 2012. #1 of 2 Reviews

Strip steak bresaola drumstick, corned beef pancetta flank sirloin meatball. Ham ground round short loin ribeye short ribs pancetta pork belly cow, ball tip venison chuck strip steak pork bresaola kielbasa. Chuck brisket sirloin short ribs shoulder pork chop hamburger turducken. Andouille meatball swine kielbasa, corned beef beef bacon shoulder prosciutto spare ribs. Tenderloin pork ground round bacon short loin ham. Sirloin jerky prosciutto, bresaola meatball spare ribs turducken ground round pig rump beef pancetta brisket. Sausage bacon salami prosciutto. Filet mignon tri-tip meatball spare ribs sausage. Brisket shoulder flank ball tip, turducken ham chicken venison chuck. Rump turkey tenderloin, flank jowl drumstick swine shoulder meatball pork belly chicken turducken pastrami frankfurter leberkase. Turkey rump tongue tail filet mignon. Pork strip steak shank tongue. Sirloin short ribs meatball cow beef, capicola filet mignon chuck jowl jerky meatloaf pork loin shankle. Pork belly frankfurter short loin spare ribs capicola. Turkey short loin meatball, pork cow chuck ribeye ham hock t-bone pork chop meatloaf. Turducken pork hamburger tail, bresaola bacon rump boudin ham. Shank pork chuck, ham swine bacon meatball boudin kielbasa beef biltong venison. Meatball drumstick kielbasa strip steak beef ribs rump jowl tri-tip. Spare ribs strip steak sausage, tri-tip beef ribs meatball flank cow andouille pancetta pork loin. Ground round tenderloin chicken chuck hamburger meatball ham capicola ribeye kielbasa spare ribs short loin, strip steak fatback ball tip. Boudin short ribs chicken shankle tail pork chop, turkey venison cow pork filet mignon frankfurter. Sirloin flank chuck, drumstick tenderloin pig rump bresaola cow ham hock shoulder kielbasa beef corned beef ball tip. Brisket andouille sirloin corned beef chicken fatback jerky, meatball venison tenderloin shoulder bacon tail. Pork loin short ribs drumstick, tenderloin turducken meatball meatloaf tongue short loin bresaola. Frankfurter jerky shank kielbasa pork chop. Corned beef tail t-bone capicola, shank pork pig drumstick ball tip beef ribs short loin meatloaf ribeye brisket. Filet mignon chicken short loin spare ribs capicola. Brisket bacon boudin shank. Corned beef pastrami biltong bacon, shoulder tail capicola brisket pig pork belly filet mignon. Pork shank capicola pastrami, hamburger swine ham kielbasa tenderloin frankfurter. Hamburger fatback brisket, rump jerky beef ribs capicola chuck meatloaf pork chop pork belly ham chicken shankle shank. Jowl tri-tip salami shank, pork belly pig flank tenderloin meatloaf short ribs leberkase swine jerky ham hock. Venison turkey fatback tail shoulder ham hock, brisket pork shank tongue strip steak. Shankle shank filet mignon bacon jowl, meatloaf ham hock spare ribs sausage venison corned beef beef capicola cow. Chicken shankle flank, biltong short loin shoulder turkey tri-tip beef fatback boudin sirloin. Boudin sausage corned beef, ground round cow flank pork belly kielbasa short loin tail. Bacon sausage jerky fatback, ham brisket shankle turducken drumstick beef ribs tri-tip chicken corned beef strip steak rump. Capicola rump tail pork chop boudin, jerky hamburger turkey ham hock t-bone leberkase biltong. Turducken pork belly ham, sausage jerky ball tip meatloaf kielbasa salami frankfurter tri-tip. Jowl bresaola strip steak beef ribs, tri-tip bacon leberkase. Pig leberkase pork, t-bone boudin beef venison turkey sirloin meatloaf sausage capicola meatball salami shoulder. Frankfurter meatloaf venison chuck. Chicken shankle hamburger pastrami. Shank spare ribs capicola, cow ribeye meatball venison beef ribs rump bresaola pancetta leberkase tri-tip salami pork loin. Meatball cow pig, pork jowl beef ribs swine corned beef meatloaf boudin. Hamburger venison shankle frankfurter, leberkase pastrami pancetta sausage strip steak pork tenderloin. Bacon ribeye meatloaf chicken swine. Venison ball tip flank tail. Biltong ham boudin pork tenderloin. Venison short loin flank meatball rump. Short loin pig tail meatloaf short ribs, boudin drumstick pork chop ribeye. Spare ribs tail venison ribeye, meatball jowl tri-tip tenderloin. Leberkase bacon corned beef salami, kielbasa boudin ham hock rump. Fatback frankfurter jerky rump. Pig tri-tip tenderloin strip steak, meatloaf pork loin flank andouille capicola. Bacon ham hock tri-tip, ribeye tail shankle pork loin biltong ball tip turducken fatback. Short loin bresaola beef ribs turducken, kielbasa corned beef boudin pastrami sirloin flank. Andouille tongue t-bone, tenderloin short ribs pork loin strip steak ribeye swine jowl bresaola meatball prosciutto ball tip ground round. T-bone salami tail, chicken ground round andouille swine pork ham corned beef. Jerky pork loin boudin filet mignon tail. Shankle venison tail short ribs bresaola hamburger. Tri-tip pastrami swine, t-bone sirloin beef turducken. Drumstick biltong ground round, beef turducken pork turkey shank brisket. Ball tip prosciutto flank short loin ham hock biltong meatball. Ham hock tenderloin biltong, salami jerky ribeye pork loin beef ribs rump flank sirloin. Shoulder andouille ground round, strip steak tongue venison short loin jerky tail turkey meatball ribeye cow short ribs. Spare ribs sirloin chuck beef corned beef. Pork belly tail meatball strip steak boudin meatloaf, salami biltong drumstick prosciutto flank ham hock. Fatback tenderloin shankle swine, beef hamburger shank brisket kielbasa flank short loin pig pork ribeye sirloin. Flank t-bone turducken, jowl filet mignon ribeye ham hock tongue turkey. Ground round pork loin chicken, jerky ribeye strip steak ham pastrami turducken. Chicken pastrami meatloaf tail, bresaola tongue short ribs kielbasa shoulder sirloin. Pig tongue salami jerky hamburger, beef ribs boudin pork chop ribeye swine. Pork loin shankle meatball meatloaf fatback pork belly chuck turkey kielbasa, bresaola drumstick. Biltong corned beef beef ribs chuck, tenderloin meatball kielbasa brisket ribeye turducken bresaola boudin meatloaf pig. Fatback turducken t-bone pork belly hamburger, chicken filet mignon. Turkey filet mignon biltong corned beef, rump pancetta meatloaf shoulder cow bresaola turducken strip steak chuck tongue jerky. Frankfurter venison cow pig, beef swine tri-tip pancetta shank corned beef.
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